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14K Gold Grillz – Worthy To Purchase Online!

14K Gold Grillz – Worthy To Purchase Online!

14K Gold Grillz is the best option when you need to make sure to get the most out of your look. Although teeth grillz have been in the trend for many decades now, there are so many people and individuals who want to buy teeth grillz but are confused choosing among numerous variants, styles, designs, colors, and purity of metals. Teeth grillz comes in all shapes and colors, be it open face grillz, diamond dust, deep cut, or any other trending styles.

Among 8K, 10K, 14K, and 24K, 14K Gold and Diamond Teeth Grills has the perfect golden yellow color to make you look your best at an affordable price. Along with the attractive color, you will find 14K teeth grillz to be smoother, durable, and charming. The combination of 14K gold teeth grillz with natural diamonds will be best if you want to showcase your wonderful grin at any event or occasion. 14K gold teeth grills will always be worth investing your fortune in.

Shop Through Our 14K Teeth Grillz Collection

GotGrillz is one of the top leading teeth grillz manufacturers selling online teeth grillz at relevant price rates. We use only natural diamonds and the purest quality of gold while crafting unique, astonishing, and amazing grillz.

Not only our customers will select the prettiest teeth grillz from our ready-made collection but also they will order custom 14K gold and diamond teeth grillz with specific and personalized instructions. Having many years of experience and expertise, our professionals will ensure to craft excellent teeth grillz based on the precise instructions and details. We offer teeth grills with a wide variety of styles, designs, colors, and gold purity (8K, 10K, 14K, 18K, and 24K).

14K White Gold Grillz

14K white gold teeth grillz will offer you a simple but classy look to outshine everyone around. To nail down any special occasion or event, below given are some of the most suitable teeth grillz.



14K Yellow Gold Grillz

Buy 14K yellow gold grillz that are evergreen in the trend of styles and fashion for several decades. 14K gold teeth grillz matches the best with every apparel, outfit, celebration, occasion, and individual. Check out these fine and attractive 14K gold teeth grillz styles you will definitely love to wear.



14K Rose Gold Grillz

Perfect for young girls, 14K rose gold grillz are now available at GotGrillz. Most of our customers prefer buying rose gold teeth grillz to gift a daughter, friend, or family member. Some of our famous 14K rose gold grillz are as follows:



14K Black Gold Grillz

14K black gold teeth grillz can be a great choice if you love to wear black gold and diamond grillz. Here are some of our popular black teeth grillz to buy at affordable prices.



10K vs 14K Gold Grillz – Which Teeth Grillz To Choose?

10K and 14K gold teeth grillz has their own advantages as well as disadvantages that most people will search for before purchasing. Our well-versed and experienced professionals are asked by most of our customers whether they should choose 10K gold grillz or 14K gold teeth grillz. Although there are some differences between 10K and 14K gold teeth grillz, it will be easy to select the best suitable gold grillz if you know them. Here are some factors that may help you get a clear idea of 10K vs 14K gold teeth grillz.

Gold Purity (Karats)

Well, 10K gold grillz also referred to as 10 Karats grillz consists of 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metal/alloys. 10K gold grillz has 41.7% of gold purity which is lower than 14K gold grillz. While 14K gold teeth grillz has a gold purity of 58.3% and consists of 7 parts of pure gold and 17 parts of silver combined with nickel, zinc, or copper. 14K gold teeth grillz has a higher percentage of pure gold and hence, it is more resistant to oxidation.

Price Range

As you know, 14K gold grillz have more gold purity than 10K grillz, it is expensive. But on the brighter side, you will save the efforts as well the time needed for the maintenance of 14K teeth grillz as it has high resistance to tarnish. Especially, 14K gold teeth grillz are softer than 10K grillz when we are considering wearing or using the teeth grillz for your mouth. We recommend choosing the most suitable teeth grillz for you from our online teeth grillz store as both 10K and 14K gold teeth grillz are available.

Durability and Hardness

When it comes to durability, 10K gold grillz wins as it has high alloy content and therefore, is more durable. Being highly durable, 10K gold teeth grillz will not easily bend and is highly resistant to scratches or any other physical damage. So, 10K grillz are better than 14K teeth grillz when considering durability. But 10K gold grillz are also harder than 14K gold grillz which is why most of our customers choose 14K variants to avoid any discomfort due to hardness.


Although both teeth grillz variants (10K and 14K gold grillz) have a golden yellow color, 14K Gold Teeth Grillz have a darker and deeper shade of yellow. If you can afford 14K Gold Teeth Grillz, it will be the perfect grillz to wear to get an enhanced appearance. But if you like a light yellow shade on your teeth grillz, then you can choose 10K Gold grillz as well.

Order 14K Grillz Now At GotGrillz!

Our exotic collection of 14K teeth grillz can help you nail down any special occasion or event. It will be beneficial for you to check out our wonderful 14K gold and diamond teeth grills. At GotGrillz, we have a wide range of variety when it comes to selecting a unique design and style of your choice for 14K Gold Grillz.

If you prefer highly personalized design and style for teeth grillz or if you want our expert teeth grillz manufacturers to make the exact teeth grillz like your favorite pop star or rapper, then GotGrillz will not let you down. We make custom teeth grillz in many shapes and sizes, depending on our valued customers’ needs. At GotGrillz, you can order custom diamond grillz for 8K, 14K, and 18K Gold. Our highly experienced and skilled professionals will be more than happy to craft beautiful, astonishing, and dazzling teeth grillz for you. To get more information, feel free to give us a call at (832)-781-4528. Follow GotGrillz on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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Our Premium Bottom Teeth Grillz Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Look

Our Premium Bottom Teeth Grillz Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Look

Bottom Teeth Grillz is a type of jewelry that can be worn on the bottom teeth. But as you know, bottom grillz are always smaller than the top teeth grillz which is why it is recommended to choose the right teeth grillz for your mouth. Although bottom teeth grills have been around for years, they are becoming increasingly popular among young girls. If you are planning to wear bottom teeth grillz on any special event, occasion, or party, you must choose teeth grillz that are not only attractive and beautiful but also comfortable for your mouth.

Well, bottom grillz can be made from gold, silver, porcelain, or acrylic and they are available in many different shapes and sizes. There is a wide range of designs and styles available when we are talking about bottom grillz in Houston, Texas. However, it is important for you to know that there is no right or wrong way to wear or choose them. That’s because it is all about personal preference as well as choice. Most people will select the bottom grillz based on their personality, outfit, and to match with their apparel.

The most common way to wear bottom grillz is by placing them on the lower row of your teeth so that they are visible when you smile. Of course, you would not want your shining gold and diamond bottom teeth grillz to hide when you grin. Shining gold bottom grillz or sparkling diamond bottom grillz are what you will need to outshine everyone around at any gathering or celebration. With hundreds of styles and variants available in the market, it may be a little confusing for you to choose the best bottom teeth grillz that matches your identity and persona. 

In this article, we are going to cover all the trendy bottom teeth grillz designs and styles that you would surely like to wear in the next event.

How to Choose the Right Style of Bottom Grillz For You

Bottom grillz are an essential part of a person’s style and personality. A teeth grillz that perfectly matches your apparel, character, and persona can actually make you the center of attention where you go. It will be a piece of cake for you to nail down any event or special occasion you are planning to attend. Bottom grillz can be worn with any type of outfit, be it for a casual outing or for a formal event. Simple but classy teeth grillz will let you blend with the crowd but will make grab everyone’s attention while you talk or smile. In the same way, stylish teeth grillz can enhance your personality to the next level.

There are many different styles to choose from when it comes to bottom grillz. The most popular types are the “full bottom” and the “half bottom”. Full bottom grillz cover all the teeth on both rows, while half-bottom only covers a single row. It is important to know which style is best suitable for you before purchasing your grillz so that you can find a perfect one. Whether you prefer shiny yellow gold bottom grillz or if you need sparkling white diamond bottom grillz, you need to select it based on your interest and persona. A friend or family member’s advice is always helpful when it comes to selecting something important for yourself.

Our Exclusive Bottom Teeth Grillz Collection

The best bottom grills for girls in 2022 are indeed a lot different in terms of designs, styles, and material combination. Nowadays, people love to order bottom grillz that are more personalized and customized to get what they actually need. Grillz have evolved over time and now they come in all shapes, colors, and designs. The new trend is to have a grill that matches your personality or apparel. Here are some of our popular and trending bottom teeth grillz:

Gold Bottom Teeth Grillz

Peek through our exotic collection of gold bottom grillz and order your favorite ones to wear on an amazing event or occasion. Below are some of our popular gold bottom teeth grillz.


White Gold Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Bar Bottom Grillz

White Gold Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Bar Bottom Grillz



Yellow Gold Gap Bar Grillz K9 Fangs and Bottom Open Face Grillz

Yellow Gold Gap Bar Grillz K9 Fangs and Bottom Open Face Grillz



Diamond Bottom Grillz

Our sparkling and glittery diamond bottom teeth grillz can help you nail down the outfit or apparel you are wearing on a special day. Have a glance at our best-selling diamond bottom grillz collection.



White Gold Gap Bar Hook Style Iced Diamond Bar Bottom Kim K Grillz

White Gold Gap Bar Hook Style Iced Diamond Bar Bottom Kim K Grillz



White Gold Solid Top Diamond Bar Bottom Grillz

White Gold Solid Top Diamond Bar Bottom Grillz - GotGrillz



K9 Fangs Bottom Grillz

We have the prettiest collection of K9 bottom grillz which lets our valued customers have a bold and cool look. Go through our K9 Fangs Grillz collection and order now.



Yellow Gold Open Face with Diamond K9 Fangs Grillz

Yellow Gold Open Face with Diamond K9 Fangs Grillz - GotGrillz



Yellow Gold Solid Polished K9 and Bottom Solid Grillz

Yellow Gold Solid Polished K9 and Bottom Solid Grillz - GotGrillz


Order The Best Bottom Teeth Grillz Online At GotGrillz

At GotGrillz, we have the most exclusive collection of bottom teeth grillz. Go through our premium range of teeth grillz including a wide variety of unique and astonishing styles and designs. We have been crafting beautiful and magnificent jewelry in Houston, Texas including our best-selling custom gold and diamond teeth grillz. With more than a decade of experience, our team of skilled and expert teeth grillz manufacturers has the needed expertise in making premium quality bottom grillz.

If you want to order the best quality bottom grillz online then scroll through our official online store or contact our professionals. Your favorite bottom grillz are just a few clicks away. Get it now by giving us a call at (832)-781-4528. To get the latest updates about our designs and styles for Bottom Teeth Grillz on Social Media, Follow GotGrillz on Facebook and Instagram.

FAQs About Bottom Grillz

  1. Where can I get bottom grillz online?

    GotGrillz is the best online Jewelry store to get the best quality bottom teeth grillz at a relevant price range. We have a wide range of variety be it the style you need, the design you wear, or the color you prefer. GotGrillz have them All! Shop through our exclusive collection of custom gold and diamond teeth grillz now. Click Here.

  2. How much do bottom grillz cost?

    Well, the cost of bottom teeth grillz totally depends on the purity of gold or metals along with the style, design, and variants. However, the average bottom teeth grillz made up of 10K gold will cost approximately between $500 to $700. To get the exact cost of bottom teeth grillz, you can give our expert professionals a call at (832)-781-4528.

  3. Are bottom teeth grillz safe for my mouth?

    Bottom teeth grillz are perfectly safe for your mouth but there are a few things that should be taken care of such as,

    -> Don’t wear grillz for an extended period of time
    -> Make sure to clean grillz after wearing off
    -> Clean them regularly
    -> Better taking them off while eating and sleeping

To know more tips and information about how to wear bottom teeth grillz to get optimum dental health, reach out to our experts at (832)-781-4528.

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Find The Best Collection of Custom Diamond Grillz in Houston At GotGrillz

Find The Best Collection of Custom Diamond Grillz in Houston At GotGrillz

GotGrillz is the most perfect place where you can get a chance to explore the best collection of custom diamond grillz in Houston. No matter if you are looking for a simple teeth grillz design or if you are searching for a classy hip-hop design, you will get it at GotGrillz. Having hundreds of readymade designs, GotGrillz is one of the most popular online stores for gold grillz in Houston. Rush through the long list of designs and styles of teeth grillz available and find the best suitable grillz for yourself. Make your dream come true by wearing a teeth Grillz that looks exactly the same as the grillz Lil Wayne wears.

Even though we have a wide range of readymade designs and styles in our huge collection, if you do not love any of our teeth grillz then you can order a custom teeth grillz. Yes, we receive a lot of customized orders every day. Our valued customers can get the teeth grillz in the exact style and material they love. To date, we are providing high-quality custom diamond grillz in Houston so none of our customers will have to worry about the quality. Our professional experts are strictly instructed to not compromise the quality and purity of the metal. That is the reason why GotGrillz is a leading manufacturer of gold grillz in Houston. Want to see our handpicked collection? Shop Now.

Best Collection of Custom Diamond Grillz

At GotGrillz, our experienced staff only uses the exact amount of gold purity in making diamond and gold grillz in Houston. Going through our wide variety of teeth grillz, you can place an order for the below categories:

Dive into our exclusive collection of teeth grillz and choose a perfect grillz for you. To place an order, visit our official website at or contact us at (832)-781-4528.

If you want to get the newest and latest styles of teeth grillz then there is no better place other than GotGrillz. Explore the readymade styles and select the fascinating custom diamond grillz in Houston. After placing an order, customers will receive a free mold kit which they will have to send back to us with their teeth prints. So that our experts will make teeth grillz that fits perfectly to your teeth. For more information, you can speak with our courteous and helpful staff at (832)-781-4528 or Contact Us Here.

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Gotgrillz Approves Beyonce’s Yellow Gold Bar Grillz K9 Fangz

Leave it up to Beyonce aka Queen Bey to make Yellow Gold Bar Grillz K9 Fangz wearing a world slaying affair. We had to  to thgive her a Gotgrillz award for the dazzling gold bottom bar grillz she showed off in her “Yonce” music video.

Sasha Fierce once again shuts it down in only a Houston way.  Get your gold bottom bar grillz Today here.

Rihanna doesn’t need a special event or video to rock her Gold Bar Grillz, just a cell phone and a nice day out. Here she is kicking it in a sexy bathing suit, while showing off her AK 47  custom gold Grillz. Make sure you don’t run up on her and get get shot with a mouth full of custom fitted gold grillz.

Madonna is proving to be quite the unceasing grillz-wearer. The Queen of Pop has been showing off her love for the Gold Bar Grillz on Instagram for some time now and she took them out for a spin on the red carpet at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

“Yeah, I’m grillzin’,” she told E!’s Ryan Seacrest before the show. “It pisses everybody off when I wear my grillz, so that’s why I wear it.” She loves the accessory so much, in fact, she got a pair for her eight-year-old son, David.

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Answering All Your Questions about Gold Grillz

Gold and diamond teeth grillz became popular as a common accessory for big stars of hip hop. With major celebrities like Nelly, Flava Flav, and Lil’ Wayne wearing grillz, it’s no surprise that everyone is jumping on this trend. It’s a unique style that can say a lot about personality and show off wealth. This might seem like overkill in other countries, but in the U.S., grillz are here to stay.

There are many options when it comes to grillz, from regular gold grillz to the white gold or diamond grill. These accessories got huge in the mid-2000s and haven’t fallen out of favor since that time. Most grillz are made from either platinum, silver, gold, or precious stones like diamonds and rubies.

Some grillz are permanent, while most are actually removable. This applies to both top and gold or diamond bottom grillz. The permanent option is going to have the highest price tag and can include custom molds and impressive designs. However, these are also going to last and you can’t lose them, so that’s a plus.

Instant grillz, on the other hand, are covers that mold to your teeth and are removable. You may find fewer options with this kind of grill, but the price is going to be significantly lower, as well. You can find these for less than a hundred-dollar bill, which makes them quite popular.

While you can wear your grillz anywhere you like, there are a few places where they will stand out. At hip hop shows or nights at the club, grillz can set you apart from everyone else there. You can also wear them when you’re hanging out with girls or your friends as a way to show off your style. It’s best not to wear them for things like interviews or formal dinners, though.

To really bump up your look, wear your grillz with some designer sunglasses or heavy gold chains. They also pair well with flashy watches, hoodies, nice sneakers, and jeans or shorts. You can pull of a look that stops traffic by combining some of these things together into an outfit.

If you can’t wait to get a pair of grillz, you can buy gold grillz online at Got Grillz. They offer a huge selection of options, so you can choose the one that fits your personality the most. These will be fully custom and tailored for your specific mouth. Check out their website or ask questions at 832-781-4528.

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