Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to hold your horses’ seeking answers to questions about our high quality and precious teeth grillz. Read our frequently asked questions and get your doubts resolved.

General Questions

What should I do if I want to cancel my order or get a refund?

Custom Orders are made to order and non refundable.  As grillz are made specifically for you we do not offer refunds under any circumstances.  We can cancel your order within 24 hrs of your purchase as long as we  have not shipped out a mold kit to you.  If you have any questions about our refund policy or need to cancel your order please contact us by phone as sooon as possible.

How long Does the process take from Start to Finish?

With Standard Shipping and Standard Production we see on average a single order can take from 15-18 days.  As the grillz we make are custom made there may be times of the year that production may take a little bit longer.  We request that our customer be patient as this custom process cannot be rushed.
We do offer Rush Production and Rush Shipping for all parts of your order.
Feel free to contact us if you are looking to upgrade your order to a Rush Order.

I have my own Mold can I send it in for you to use?

We are more then happy to use your mold!  This actually will speed up the process for getting your finished Grillz.  We do recommend that if your mold impression is over 3 months old to redo a new one.  As our teeth are continuously moving around any minor adjustments can cause your Grill not to fit.

Are these grillz the real deal or are they the universal grillz?

At we only provide custom grillz made for you and only you.  Our custom grillz will snap on directly to your teeth.

Will my grillz fade or change colors?

All silver gold pated grillz will tarnish and or fade over time.  This is not something that can be prevented.  We encourage our customers who are looking to wear their grillz on a regular basis purchase or upgrade to a genuine gold grill.  We do offer a refitting/dipping service to replate your grillz at anytime you would like.  Feel free to reach out to us if your are interested in this process

Do your grillz come with Warranty?

As grillz is a custom item we make them to the specs accordingly to your mold.  We do not offer any warranties, but are always happy to help if a problem or issue does come about.

Can I smoke in my Grillz?

No,  especially if you ordered a silver gold plated grill.  This will tarnish and discolor the Grillz very quickly.  If you want to have this ability please make sure to purchase a genuine gold grill as you can still clean genuine gold grillz with your traditional jewelry cleaning supplies.

Can I Eat or Drink with my Grillz?

We do not recommend that you do this as it is just bad for your teeth.

My grill doesn’t fit correct or is a little loose what can I do?

During the mold process we emphasize on the importance of a good mold.  If you have any fitment issues feel free to reach out to us and we will guide you through how to make minor adjustments.  You may also mail the grillz back to us and we can make the adjustments accordingly.  Please note that a redo of a grill will need to be paid for before this is done.  We are always here to help and will work out a discounted deal if this becomes the case.  If this issue comes about the grill will be remade as your original design.  We cannot change it to another design.

I am missing teeth can I still buy a grill from you guys?

Yes you sure can!  We have made 1000’s of grillz with missing teeth.  If you are missing any teeth please contact us at the time of purchase as there is an additional charge for missing teeth.

I mailed out my mold kit back to you guys…now what?

We encourage all our customers to hold on to their tracking number and periodically check the tracking to see if we have received your mold.  We ask that you do not call us asking if we have received the mold.  Our staff process’ hundreds of molds a day and we do not have the capacity to dig through all the molds especially once they are in production.  We will contact you if there is an issue with your mold.  We will also send you the new tracking number once the grillz are complete and back in the mail on the way to you.

How do I keep my Grillz clean and shiny?

For the outside of the grill, use a jewelry cloth to remove any tarnish build up and to polish and shine up your grill.
For the inside of the grill, use warm water and a tooth brush after every use.

I received a email/phone call stating my mold was not good what do I do now?

Your first mold kit comes free with your grillz purchase.  If you need to redo your mold you will need to purchase the mold kit from our store.  If you are purchasing a Mold kit for a redo please let us know so we can get the mold kit out to you with all the proper information.

I don’t live in the USA , but your grillz are dope and I want to purchase one! Is this possible?

Yes!  We ship world wide and have made grillz for customers in every continent.  Please contact us before you make your purchase so we can work out the details for the process for international orders.

The style of grillz I am looking for is not on your website. Do you guys only offer whats on your website?

No, skies the limit!  We are always adding new designs to our website.  As grillz are custom made we can make a grill any way you want.  Feel free to reach out to us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

I need to get dental work done will a grill be a good solution to my problem?

Grillz are for fashion and decorative purposes.  Grillz are not a replacement for dental work you may need.  We recommend contacting your local dentist for consultation prior to purchasing a grill if you are unsure of your teeths condition.

I need a permanent Grill! Do you guys do this?

We do not install permanent grillz, but we do make them.  Please contact us so we can communicate with you and your dentist for specifications.

You guys make the best grillz in the market! Do you make anything else?

We are a full fledged custom jewelry manufacturer.  We can make anything you want.  Please feel free to reach out to us to get the order process started.

I am local to you guys and want to come in to get molded up. Is this possible?

Absolutely!  We are always more than happy to have our customers come by our sales office to get molded and see the samples of grillz we have.  If you are in the Houston, TX area please give us a call!

Do you do same day grillz?

Yes we do!  This we can only offer to our local customers at this time.  Please call us in advance as in order to complete a same day process you will need to have your mold read by 10 a.m.

Why should I get my grillz made from you?

Quality! Quality! Quality!  As we are the manufacturer our commitment to quality well exceeds the market standards.  We understand that you have several options, but no other Grillz company strives to provide the service and craftsmanship we do.  When you buy from us you are buy factory direct.

Returns and exchanges

We don’t accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations, but please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

Returns and exchange details

All grillz are custom made to order. There are No Refunds.

We try our best to make the grillz true to size, so if for any reasons you have issues, please contact us first.

Generally if the mold wont work, we will let you know before we get started to reach a solution. We have put together very detailed instructions on making a mold, and ask that you read carefully and are patient when making the mold. If your mold will not work, you are responsible for purchasing another mold kit.


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