When you’re ordering custom grillz, you have a larger variety of things you can do rather than just get gold on your teeth. Take some time, really consider what it is you want your custom grillz to look like. When you’re out in the world, they will be the first thing that anyone notices about you, so make sure that they look right. Here are a few different ideas that you could try.


You can easily write out letters or draw symbols across the teeth of your custom grill. Think about the message that you want to put forth or want to project, and how you want it to come across. Maybe you want to put your name, written in diamonds across the gold teeth. The possibilities are whatever you want them to be.


There’s never been a time when vampires weren’t synonymous with sexy. If you want to get some grillz, but don’t want the more in your face look of a traditional set, consider getting a set of fangs. It’s easy enough to order a set of custom gold fangs. Even if you don’t want to wear them all the time, there are some costumes that can be awesomely augmented by a set of custom gold fangs. Put your next Halloween party over the top or blow your date away the next time you see them.

Top or Bottom

You don’t have to get your entire mouth grilled when you’re ordering a custom set. You can also just bling the top or bottom, whichever you prefer. Some people feel more comfortable only putting a grill across part of their mouth, and that’s perfectly OK.

Artistic Designs

There’s bound to be plenty of stuff on the internet that you would never have even thought of. Before you settle on a grill to order, see what there is out there. Some designs resemble Egyptian or African gods and goddesses, while others create swooping, dazzling patterns across your teeth. Just make sure that before you settle on an option, you explore everything there is in the advancing grill design community.

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