Don’t know if yall know your history but wearing Gold Grillz as an accessory became popular way back in the ’80s in New York. But It was the Dirty South’s Hip Hop takeover in the early 2000s that popularized Gold Grillz into the mainstream vein of Hip Hop. Now everybody is rockin Gold Grillz from the rappers, hipsters, ball players, celebrities, and even Gold medal winning Olympians. have lead the charge Down South in Houston Tx in creating and designing some of the most creative and best quality Grillz that the recent Hurricane Harvey hit town has seen for years now. So wanted to take a few seconds to show you how the process is done in order to get you a Yellow Gold Diamond Dust Cuts K9 Grillz created.

First Step: Have a mold made of your top and/or bottom teeth

The first step in getting your Grillz made is creating a mold of the teeth

Second Step: That mold is then taken to a dental technician who can pour the mold into a dye stone.

The dye stone is the green looking material that’s used to fil impressions to create a model of your teeth.

Third Step: Casting the mold

When casting, there is a wax lining needed in the mold before the gold is added. The wax is added to the mold and then removed as it goes into the casting machine to be fired. The gold is poured into the mold, and the wax-lined mold is casted.

Fourth Step: Remove the mold from the casting to reveal your grillz

What makes Gold Grillz special is how well they fit into your mouth and how comfortable they are.

Fifth and Final Step: Polishing Your Gold Grillz

Here the Gold Grillz Tech is polishing everything to perfection

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