Social media, reality show mega star Kim Kardashian was spotted sporting her brand new gold name grillz on her bottom teeth this week on Instagram.  This being the first time since being robbed in Paris in her hotel room by armed masked men late in 2016 ever wearing jewelry again.  Also after the robbery indecent Kim Kardashian vowed to never wear jewelry ever again, and she had kept her word until she just showed off her New gold name grillz.

Bringing us to the conclusion that she may be able to give up wearing every piece of  jewelry in the world, except for her brand new gold grillz.  Just like us here at  we can’t stop making great gold name grillz and custom grillz like these Here .   Our designs are top of the line custom grillz aimed to even impress the best of  the best  skeptics.

When Kardashian reemerged on her most-followed platform which is Instagram, she had noticeably changed up her whole ‘gram game, by now reflecting what was now most important to her, and that is her family.  Kanye West, and their children, North and Saint, taking over her feed. Ever since, her theme has been more simple, and business-oriented, with a focus on KKW Beauty and Yeezy’s latest collections.  As for jewelry, the most that reality show mega star Kim Kardashian has rocked publicly and online social media since the robbery have been a couple of layered gold necklaces preferably fake.  Also even though Kim Kardashian may still be taking precautions with her less flashy and bold n bright fashion style, but the personalized grill may just foreshadow an extra comeback.  Got to give Kim Kardashian a super big up”s for also have that Gold grillz fever that she and we all have.  There’s no way that we could ever stop wearing our gold grillz.

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