If you are looking to buy gold grillz online, you may find yourself overwhelmed by choice. There are tons of custom gold grillz teeth available. People purchasing their first set of grillz may want to play it safe and stick with a popular style. This helps you feel comfortable wearing your grillz, while also ensuring that you pick a set that look great. Popular styles tend to suit all types of customers, making them a great choice for new buyers.

Filled with Gems

The most popular and well-known style of grillz is filled with gems. Each retailer has a slightly different name for this style, including “Iced Out,” “Diamond Filled,” and “Gem Filled.” Each name means the same thing: grillz that feature gems or precious stones in a prominent way. Some styles mix gems with precious metals while others appear to be made entirely of gems.

Deep Cuts

Another popular choice among custom gold grillz is a deep cut style. Grillz made in this style feature what appear to be gashes or openings in the metal, meant to resemble deep cuts. This is a great style to choose if you want grillz but would prefer to avoid the glitz of sparkling gems.

Diamond Dust

If you like the look of gold diamond teeth grillz but prefer something a bit less flashy, consider ones with a diamond dust finish. This gives the grillz a bit of a sparkle and shine, but is not as over the top as ones that feature massive diamonds or other gems. Grillz with this type of finish tend to be available in multiple finishes, making them especially appealing to new users.

Learning about these popular styles can help you find grillz that look great and ones you can feel comfortable wearing. By choosing one of the styles mentioned above, you can be sure you buy grillz that look amazing.

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