A custom name plate necklace is the most beautiful thing you can gift to yourself or your loved ones. Carve out your own unique name in the nameplate necklace studded in a gold rope chain. Being one of the renowned and leading custom jewelry manufacturers in Houston, Texas, we offer premium quality custom nameplate necklace gold that you will love to wear at a special function, party, or event. Showcase your love for your beloved one by wearing his/her gold name plate necklace near to your heart.

Ordering from GotGrillz, you will have the advantage to choose how your personalized custom nameplate necklace will look and feel. Not only you can select the amount of gold purity added to the name plate necklace but also you can select to add a heart or design on the sides of the nameplate or in the middle of your name. It will be possible for you to have your preferred name written down on the nameplate necklace in gold and diamond in your desired fonts, styles, color, materials, and designs. Feel free to go through our exclusive custom nameplate necklace collection.

Gold Name Plate Necklace – Order For Your Loved Ones!

At GotGrillz, we can offer you a broad variety of name plate necklace gold among which you will find your favorite one for sure. If not, you can always order a custom-style nameplate necklace. We are custom gold nameplate manufacturers, and our courteous staff will make you feel like you are visiting your trusted neighborhood jewelry store. If you need our highly experienced professionals to craft astonishing name plate necklaces engraved with gold and diamond then you can order now by reaching out to us at (832) 781-4528.

There are indeed so many ideas you will have when ordering for custom name plate necklace. However, looking at the below products from our online jewelry shop will be helpful in selecting the best possible nameplate necklace. Check these ready-made custom nameplate necklaces and order yours today.


Yellow Gold Custom Personalized Diamond Cut Cursive Nameplate Pendant with Rope Chain - GotGrillz

Yellow Gold Custom Personalized Diamond Cut Cursive Nameplate Pendant

For couples, purchasing such a lovely pair or custom nameplate necklace pendant will be a perfect gift to show your endless love for your special one. Gift this beautiful gold name plate necklace written in cursive fonts and stylish appearance to your girlfriend/boyfriend. Shop now at only $179.


Custom Nameplate Gold Cursive Heart Name Plate Pendant With Rope Chain

People who have a 5-letter name starting with “S” can check this custom nameplate gold cursive heart styled with a gold rope chain. The gold nameplate necklace in the image shown above says “Sarah” with a heart in the middle and curvy designs on the sides. If you also need a lovely and attractive design for your custom nameplate necklace in gold then please click here.

Gold heart name plate with chain - GotGrillz


Gold Custom Personalized Solid Cursive Left Heart Nameplate Pendant with Rope Chain - GotGrillz

Solid Gold Cursive Left Heart Name Plate Necklace Pendant With Gold Chain

Another magnificent design that our customers love to order is the solid gold left heart name plate necklace pendant. The classy look of the “Diana” named necklace pendant will give you the confidence to flaunt it publicly and make a statement to the people. Want to wear this beautifully designed nameplate necklace with your name on it? Buy now at only $179.


Need A Necklace With Your Name Carved Out With Gold? Shop Now At GotGrillz!

Do you think of wearing a cursive gold name plate necklace with your name on it? Are you interested in enhancing your personality with a personalized custom nameplate necklace gold and diamond? If yes, then you should check out our best-quality custom name plate necklaces. Available in 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22K (carat) gold, our valued customers can order name plate necklaces to gift their loved ones. You can instruct our skilled and experienced professionals to craft the gold nameplate necklace with your favorite design, style, fonts, color, and letters. Contact us or give us a call at (832) 781-4528 to place an order for a custom name plate necklace. For more information and updates about our trending products, you can follow our official social media handle on Facebook and Instagram.

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